Wedding planning for international marriages in St.Petersburg

Организация интернациональных свадеб в Санкт-Петербурге

Our team has a vast experience in international wedding planning.
We can offer a unique level of service to get ready for your most important day.
We speak different foreign languages, so the preparation will be stress-free and seamless.

Our advantages
english speaking wedding planner в спб
English-speaking wedding planner
An English-speaker wedding planner will be in charge of all preparations.

документы на иностранном языке по организации свадьбы в спб
Documents for your wedding will be prepared in Russian and English

Сoordination in a foreign language
Wedding coordinators in our team speak English, French and Italian.

Wedding ceremony and reception
We will find an Officiant for marriage registration ceremony and an MC who will interact with you and your guests so that there will be no language barrier.
Photo and video shooting
We will pick photographers and videographers who speak foreign languages and you will keep your peace of mind during the wedding shooting

Interacting with wedding guests
We do our best to help your guests from any country feel comfortable and therefore, we specifically focus on interacting with them throughout the entire wedding planning process

Our happy couples
Katerina & Marco
Russian-French wedding
Yulia & Kenni
Russian-Belgian wedding
Olga & Marselo
Russian-Spanish wedding
Wedding planning stages

We can do the wedding planning remotely using state-of-the-art video tools and platforms.
Initial meeting
We meet in a comfortable office and discuss all your wishes in full details.

During the meeting, we will develop a preliminary cost estimate and plan for the day.

Signing the contract
Once the contract is signed and we receive the advance payment, we immediately get to work!

Theme development
Based on your wishes, we develop your wedding theme — the style and design, suggestions for the venue and a show program

Vendors selection
Once we have agreed the theme, we will offer our best vendors: MCs, photographers, videographers, etc., who can speak your language, and we will visit several venues together with you. We attend all the meetings.

Handling all issues
Once the venue is booked and vendor selection completed, we commit to totally deal with all aspects and get everything coordinated and agreed for your wedding planning (with vendors, venue, transport, technical services, etc.).

The Wedding
On the wedding day, our wedding coordinators will be with you from the very morning, helping during the bride’s preparation in the hotel, in the Civil Registry Office, in the restaurant and resolving all issues. They will be in charge of all vendors' performance and keep the restaurant/caterers under control.


What is included in the service "International Wedding Planning"

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
Theme development
Based on your desires, we develop your wedding theme — the style and design, suggestions for the venue and a show program.
организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
Restaurant for your wedding reception
We cooperate with many venues and we know their profiles, which is really useful for choosing a restaurant for your wedding. Usually we focus on at least 40 aspects and that enables us to find the best restaurant to suit your needs.
Together with the clients, we explore restaurants, discuss the advantages of each space and develop preliminary menu.

We work with a big range of the best restaurants and hotels in St. Petersburg. They are remarkable for the top level of services and are capable to WOW even the most sophisticated guests.

If necessary, we can arrange on-line viewing of restaurant options, and record video reviews for you.
организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
Design Concepts and Floral Décor

Once the theme is approved and the couple have picked a restaurant, the designer team starts developing a detailed proposal for the wedding design: from the bride’s bouquet, the design for the outdoor/destination marriage registration and for reception space up to all the details of the table setup.

We work together with designers to develop unique wedding stationary in keeping with the style of the wedding — save the date cards, invitations, menu cards, seating plan and cards, table numbers and ets.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, подбор отеля для молодоженов спб
Hotels for couple
A hotel is not just a place for the bride’s preparation and the finale of wedding night.

Hotels set the style and atmosphere of the whole day. Cozy boutique hotels, luxury 5-star hotels or ones with modern design… We will help you to choose the best room for a boudoir shoot and share the benefits for newlyweds.

If necessary, we arrange on-line viewing of hotel rooms and spaces (reception areas) and share video recordings with you.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
Photo and video shooting
We will introduce to you a team of photographers and videographers who can speak English, so that all shooting will be done in a stress-free.

If need be, we will arrange on-line meetings with a team of photographers and videographers so that you can get to know them well prior to your wedding.

We can arrange the Love Story photo (or video) shoot some time before the wedding.
организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, ведущий на иностранном языке спб
MC of the wedding reception
We will be happy to get you a wedding party MC who speaks a foreign language fluently and will interact with you and your guests so that there will be no language barrier.

We have not only English-speaking MCs, but also MCs who speak French, German, and Italian.

If need be, we will arrange a Skype/Zoom meeting with your MC so that you can get to know them in advance.
организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, регистрация свадьбы на иностранном языке спб
Symbolic marriage registration
For couples who choose not only to get their marriage registered at the Civi Registry Office, but also want to have a symbolic ceremony in a foreign language anywhere in St. Petersburg (in a palace, a park, at the coast of the Gulf of Finland), we will pick an officiant who will not only do it in your language, but will also make it very personal, heartfelt and unlike hundreds of others.

If necessary, we can arrange an on-line meeting with the Officiant so that you can discuss all the details in advance.
организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
Developing the style for the bride and wedding guests
For the bride, we will offer the best stylists who can not only do the hair and makeup, but also help you to create a harmonious wedding style (from picking the "right wedding dress" to finding the perfect accessories).

If necessary, we will arrange for stylists to visit the couple’s parents and guests and to get them ready for the celebration.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
Groom's wedding morning
We offer an up-scale service for arranging the groom’s morning in a macho style. A hand-picked stylish barbershop will be open to pamper only the groom and his friends. Haircut, shave, spa treatments for true manly men — a great start to your wedding day!

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, организация венчания на интернациональной свадьбе спб
Church wedding
If you are planning a church wedding, we will find for you a Cathedral or Church in St. Petersburg that does ceremonies in accordance with the religious rites of your faith.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
The first wedding dance
Just indulge in once again making a declaration of love for each other by means of a dance, and our professional choreographers will help you to utter your feelings. A passionate tango, a gentle ballad, a classic waltz or a lively bachata — you will be the stars of the dance floor!
организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
Show Program
At the stage of the wedding theme development we give a serious thinking to the atmosphere of the wedding, and therefore, we will introduce you only to those show people whose performance will fit perfectly in the program of the day.

Lively hits by cover bands, romantic melodies by jazz duets, conjury and magic performed by illusionists and bright emotions brought by welcome actors.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
WOW-effects and surprises
Are you ready to surprise and be surprised?

As we shape up your wedding, we offer unique solutions and concepts that will be tailored just for you.

We have experience of setting up a surprise with a night wedding at a forest lake, recreating an old Spanish vow ceremony, organizing online greetings from four continents, creating a family coat-of-arms for a couple, and many other surprises…

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, wedding cake spb
Wedding Cake
A wedding cake is not just a dessert. It may become yet another unforgettable moment of your wedding that everyone will talk about!

For our couples, we offer exclusive "show cakes" from our permanent partner — a gold medal winner at the Russian championship in confectionery art. Anti-gravity, upside down, with levitating elements… or maybe you will choose a cake with 3d mapping design?

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
Handling all technical issues. Coordination with all vendors and contractors. Developing the day's timing and check-lists
Our team is committed to take care of all technical issues and coordination of all aspects — light, sound, transportation, logistics, designers (design studio), graphic designer, baker/pastry chef, restaurant, hotel, show people, set up and tear down.

Our team will arrive at the hotel and the restaurant much in advance to prepare everything and will keep everything under control. And after the wedding, we will remain at the venue and will make sure that the teardown of decoration and equipment is done properly.
организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, автомобиль для молодоженов спб
Choosing the vehicles. Logistics for the day.
Once we have developed the wedding timing, and logistics for the day is ready, we will offer you the best solutions and arrange vehicles for you and your guests — from retro vehicles and carriages to executive class vehicles.

For those who like boat-rides and helicopter flights, we can offer magnificent yachts, boats, motor ships and helicopters.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, работа с гостями на свадьбе

Interacting with wedding guests
When guests receive your wedding invitation, they also receive a card with our phone number. This way they can contact us and we will help them to tackle any issue.

Our team is always ready to assist the guests — find a stylist, order flowers and gifts delivery, help them out with the couple’s wish-list.

2−3 days before the wedding, for the convenience of guests, we send them a welcome message with the program of the day and informing them on their transfer time and place.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, свадебный банкет спб
. We are totally committed to coordinate all the aspects with the restaurant:

 — develop and fine-tune the reception menu,
— develop your various menus: buffet, children’s, staff and special menus for dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free),
— calculate the appropriate quantity of hors d’oeuvres and entrées,
— develop terms of services and monitor the performance on the day of the event
— monitor the performance of waiters and the restaurant.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб
For your convenience, we offer a range of hard drinks and soft drinks at special prices from reliable wholesale companies. They provide wine tasting and can deliver the goods to the restaurant for your reception.

Experienced sommeliers (wine experts) will help you make a choice based on your preferences.

организация интернациональной свадьбы спб, координация свадьбы на иностранном языке спб
Wedding day coordination in a foreign language (English-, Italian- and French-speaking coordinators)
Your wedding day will be smooth and easyheld, because on the wedding day, our wedding coordinators will be with you from the very morning.
They will help at the bride’s preparation in the hotel, in the Civil Registry Office, in the restaurant. They will take care of all issues. They will be in charge of all vendors' performance and keep the restaurant/caterers under control. We will be at your side until the last minutes of the celebration

Agency fee

International wedding
60 000
For international couples all over the world we can offer a unique level of service to get ready for yourwedding day in St.Petersburg.


— English speaking wedding manager 24−7

— full range of our services
— English speaking wedding planner and a coordinator (languages: English, French, Italian) will be with you in at your wedding day
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